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Triple Decker Ecology


Triple Decker Ecology: Somerville's Urban Landscape
Curated by Pennie Taylor, with David Buckley Borden



This Somerville Museum Community Curator Grant exhibit will begin in October 2018.

Curator Pennie Taylor and artist David Buckley Borden received a Community Curator grant for an exhibition that explores the urban ecology of Somerville, scheduled October 2018. Triple Decker Ecology includes selected objects from the Somerville Museum collection, and new works that consider site-specific environmental issues, made by artist David Buckley
Borden and collaborators. Project research uses the museum's historic collection and knowledge from community stakeholders on topics including urban wilds, waterways, and species. Borden will create a dozen "proposals" for a trail of sculptures that communicate science stories to passers-by.The exhibit team will realize several of the proposals, with an
anchor piece outside the museum on Central St. Inside the museum, collection items will be installed with process works to highlight local ecological history. The artworks will activate, raising awareness as objects and spurring direct action through programming with scientists, communicators, and community groups.


Penny Taylor

Pennie Taylor (b. 1984, Maine) is a curator, organizer, and game designer based in Somerville. She explores the natural world, collections, play and display, as does her game, Why the long face? In 2015 Taylor was a Somerville Arts Council Fellow, and artist-in-residence at Igor Metropol, Budapest. She developed digital resources, interactive installations, and programs at museums including the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and the Rose Art Museum, and was adjunct faculty at Northeastern University's College of Art, Media + Design. Taylor holds an MA in Cultural Production from Brandeis University, and a BA in Anthropology from
Bates College.


David Buckley Borden is a Cambridge-based interdisciplinary artist and designer. Using an accessible combination of art and design, David promotes a shared environmental awareness and heightened cultural value of ecology. David Buckley BordenDavid's place-based projects highlight both pressing environmental issues and everyday phenomena. Informed by research and community outreach, David's work manifests in a variety of forms, ranging from site-specific landscape installations in the woods to data-driven cartography in the gallery. David's place-based projects have recently earned him residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Teton Artlab, Trifecta Hibernaculum, and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. David was also a 2016/2017 Charles Bullard Fellow in Forest Research at Harvard University where he answered the question, "How can art and design foster cultural cohesion around environmental issues and help inform ecology-minded decision making." David studied landscape architecture at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and worked at Sasaki Associates and Ground before focusing his independent practice at the intersection of landscape, creativity, and cultural event.

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